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Let\'s Take Five podcast is covering Kurosawa

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    Hi Everyone,

    First of all, this site is awesome. I’m loving the articles especially the link to the video about how Kurosawa framed Rashomon.

    I have a podcast called Let’s Take Five. It’s where my friend and I pick a legend from cinema and then choose five of their films that represent their range and mastery of the craft. We’re currently reviewing Akira Kurosawa and we’re two episodes in. The five movies we’re covering are…

    1) Rashomon
    2) Ikiru
    3) Seven Samurai
    4) High and Low
    5) Ran

    We hope you like the show! Which of Kurosawa’s films would you pick for his definitive five?





    Sounds a great project (I don’t have time right now to listen to your podcast, but definitely will later).

    Your list is pretty close to a perfect ‘definitive five’ I think for Kurosawa, although its hard to fit in any particular 5. The only change I’d make is to put it Yojimbo, but then again I’m not sure which one I’d drop it its favour… maybe Ran.



    concur re: yojimbo.

    saw high and low for the first time last month. Though the cinematography and editing were pretty good, and mifune a joy to watch, the police quite clever, there’s something missing for me. . . I prefer riding kurosawa’s waybackwhen machine.

    edit: is there a way to listen to the podcast on the website?



    Yes, you can listen to any episode on our website with the embedded video. We’re also iTunes and other podcasting apps like the one I prefer, Downcast.

    Yojimbo is such a wonderful movie as well. I live in Chicago and my favorite theatre in the city, The Music Box, had Yojimbo as a matinee a few weeks ago. It was so much fun to see it with a full audience, especially since I hadn’t seen it in years. I forgot how funny it was. Especially since I was watching Rashomon and Seven Samurai for this podcast, I loved to watch Mifune so calm and particular with all of his movements, instead of being the wild bandit or the youthful Kikuchiyo. He reminded me of the super cool criminals of other films like in Le Samurai or Danny Ocean.

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