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Kurosawa Wikipedia Page to Be Nominated as Featured Article


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    I am about to nominate, probably tomorrow morning, the Akira Kurosawa Wikipedia page as a Featured Article candidate, after 10 weeks of work, day and night, and literally hundreds of edits. I would like to thank those who have participated in this very difficult process and in the discussion of the process.

    These are the credits I would like to put on the site’s Discussion page:

    Supervising Editor: Dylanexpert (David Baldwin)

    Content Editors: Vili, Dylanexpert

    Proofreader, Corrector: Olduch (Blah)

    Consultant: Prof. David Bordwell

    Moral Support: Ugetsu

    To the people involved, let me know if the above is okay before I enter your name. And please check out the site. Thanks.




    Good work, Dylanexpert! Fingers crossed that it makes it through the featured article selection process!

    What you did with the “Homages and allusions” section is clever. Well done there, too!

    I’m also happy that you found pictures for the article, and they work really well too.

    As a side note, it will be interesting to see how long it takes Hori Pro (who I think still oversee the copyright on reproductions of Kurosawa’s drawings and paintings) to demand that the image of the painting of the castle is taken down. I’m not sure if they can legally do that but they were pretty quick to send me a cease and desist letter when I created a page that had a few samples of Kurosawa’s paintings. 🙂

    As for the credits, I don’t know if we necessarily need to include any, as it kind of goes against the spirit of Wikipedia. And our names are, after all, already visible in the edit history.



    I’ve been mostly out of Internet access the last couple of weeks but I had a read of it in an internet cafe last week when I could and I have to say it’s outstandingly good, congratulations to David and Vili for a brilliant job. I honestly think that the wiki page will be the standard reference for non-specialists for years to come.

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