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Kurosawa related writing of your own

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    Hmmm so yes I should have shared this with you all – a more understanding and possibly more appreciative audience – earlier. The link below will send you to a short spoken word type piece I wrote regarding our man AK back in October.

    In Between The Silver Screen Lie Restless Hands

    Make what you will of it, I certainly didn’t pick a very easy angle/subject to tackle and ultimatly probably his most personal. But then again that is what a writer is supposed to do. I can’t be the judge on if I failed or not.

    So with that I will get back to the actaul subject line. Anyone else have anything to share? I’d be curious to know since we have so many creatives and scholars among us.

    I do have a rather pedestrian “early life” piece I wrote when I was 17 in college, which would most likely be redundant to post for this crowd.



    For what its worth, I liked it and found some on the lines rather cleaver. I dont know much about poetry, so I cant offer a worthy critique.

    Besides the hundreds of forum threads I posted in regarding Kurosawa, I dont have anything of the likes of what you did.



    I am usually quite critical about poetry (maybe because I am so hopeless with it?), but I must say that I really liked your piece. Especially the title and the image created by the last line are something that will probably stay in mind for a while.

    As for sharing something, if I finally find some time I will do something about this website this weekend. There is a bunch of material that I am hoping to be adding, but it all depends on how much free time I will have.

    Having spent so much of my life in an academic setting, working now (as part of my civilian service) five days a week from 9am to 5pm is really weird, and I haven’t yet learnt how to plan for the free time. When in academy, you have practically no free time, as there is always some paper to finish or book to read, but at the same time you are only conditioned by the deadlines and not by anything that says when one should actually be doing the work.

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