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Kurosawa and Miyazaki

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    An interesting albeit brief link (http://www.ghibliworld.com/news.html#2203)discussing the relationship between these two great directors, as well as a bit about AK’s daughter, Kazuko. Hopefully, a fuller summary of the broadcast will be available in the near future.

    One brief comment: it’s no surprise that AK was taken with Takahata’s ‘Grave of the Fireflies,’ given his career-stretching interest, or even obsession, with the atomic bomb.



    Thanks for the link, Andrew! (And sorry about a late response, I have been terribly busy lately.)

    Indeed, there is much in Grave of the Fireflies that is similar to Kurosawa. In fact, I would say that most of Ghibli’s films, and especially those directed by Miyazaki, have similarities with the views put forward by Kurosawa in his own work.

    I have actually sometimes wondered what might have happened had Kurosawa tried his hand at directing an animated film.

    The link to the article, by the way, seems to be http://www.ghibliworld.com/news.html#2403.



    Miyazki being one of my other favorite directors, this was a nice little read. I think many people get confused and think Miyazaki directed Takahata’s “Grave of the Fireflies.”

    Thanks for sharing.

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