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It Is Wonderful to Create episodes for the Eclipse films

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    Hi folks,

    I’m interested in seeing the It Is Wonderful to Create episodes that Criterion hasn’t released – namely the ones from the Eclipse series that were produced by Toho (because I don’t think the Shochiku releases had episodes to begin with): Sanshiro Sugata I and II, The Most Beautiful, The Men Who Tread on the Tiger’s Tail, No Regrets for Our Youth, One Wonderful Sunday, and I Live in Fear.

    Any ideas on sourcing these episodes of the documentary series?

    Thank you!



    I think they were all available as part of Toho’s old Masterworks DVD box sets. Those of course didn’t have English subtitles, though.

    And for some reason, the newer blu-ray releases from Toho do not seem to have them at all.

    I’m not aware of any English friendly releases that would include the episodes missing from Criterion’s releases.

    You are right that only the Toho produced films were included in the series. It would make quite a wonderful release, putting them out in one set. Or even just licensing them to some streaming service.

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