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Help urgently needed with "THRONE OF BLOOD"

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    Hi I really need some help with interpreting this film for an essay…hopefully someone on here that is knowledgable/good at analysing will be kind enough to help me out!

    I’m having some difficulties making connections between Throne of Blood and Macbeth. I need to prove that this pair of texts represent why and how texts are valued in and appropriated into a range of contexts. In particular I need to find out how similar and different values/ideas are evident in the texts and how they may challenge or reflect the contexts from which the texts emerged.

    I have a few ideas, but not many. I was thinking that in Macbeth, there is an emphasis on how the disturbance of the great chain of being causes havoc and how natural order is only restored through justice. Whereas in Throne of Blood, it is an unending cycle of violence that never ends in justice. So I am going to look into how Throne of Blood subverts the original idea in Macbeth. Also, the idea that ambition can cause is something I will also discuss in my essay, as it is an idea that is central to both texts. Additionally the idea that crime has its consequences in Macbeth is something that I will link to the idea of Karma in Throne of Blood, and the film’s religious context (Buddhism). However, I am stuck on other ideas and can’t seem to think of any more important values/ideas in the film/play that reflect their contexts.




    Have you read this thread on Throne of Blood? It might be a good start.



    Thank Ugetsu! I was about to reply here that I have often thought about the portrayal of the nature of free will in these two works, and may even one day write a short piece on that very idea. Well, turns out that I have already written it! I had completely forgotten about it. 😆

    Swirlymist: Reading through the thread Ugetsu linked to, I don’t know if I have much to add, apart from suggesting that you take a look also at the other Throne of Blood threads here, as well as check out the Kurosawa bibliography.

    Oh, and I also wanted to mention that since you brought up Buddhism, don’t forget Shintoism or Japanese folklore, either.

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