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    Lewis Saul

    On April 29th, I began putting together a post for this forum — primarily based upon those little tidbits of source material which most tickled my Kurosawa bones …

    Early in the morning of April 30th, I received the good news that I have received a “spec/commission” [that means I’m getting paid a little upfront, and the rest upon receipt of the work] from a very famous classical musical group, which I cannot name at this time (I will when I am allowed).

    All my Kurosawa books went to the back of my studio, while my manuscript paper sketches got piled on the desk.


    I would like to share the very first little tidbit that I got a kick out of from Galbraith:

    The quote which captions Chapter Eight of Galbraith’s masterpiece (entitled “Gate to the World”) is certainly worth sharing here. I never saw the episode, but I think it’s wonderful:

    “MARGE SIMPSON (Trying to get her husband to see a subtitled film): C’mon, Homer, you liked Rashomon . . .

    HOMER SIMPSON: That’s not the way I remember it!” [SG, p. 127].


    I have enjoyed reading everything and do hope to rejoin and contribute when I am able.

    Lewis Saul



    Congratulations about the commission, Lewis! We will be looking forward to your contributions when you find the time.

    I actually saw the Simpsons episode not too long ago. It’s in the season 10 finale Thirty Minutes over Tokyo.



    Congratulations Lewis.

    That Simpson quote is funny, but Marge wasnt trying to get him to watch a subtitled movie.

    Homer wanted to go vacation Brazil, but the situation made Japan the only option.

    (to roughly but I think accurately quote)

    Homer: Ahh, not Japan.

    Marge: C’mon, Homer Japan will be fun…you liked Rashomon.

    Homer: That’s not how I remember it. 😆

    Then the even funnier part–

    Homer: Besides, if we wanted to see Japanese people we could have gone to the zoo.

    Marge: Homer!!!

    Homer: What? The guy who washes the elephants is Japanese. His name is Takoshi. He’s in my book club.

    ^ in which that part I nearly died laughing.

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