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Film club hiatus


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    Vili Maunula

    Since the last two film club titles, Yojimbo and Sanjuro, generated absolutely no discussion at all, I think it’s time to put the club back on hiatus, at least for a while. There was great enthusiasm to bring the club back a year ago, but participation has been pretty low throughout the year. Still, big thanks to anyone who has shared their thoughts on the films!

    This of course doesn’t mean that the forums are going anywhere or that the opportunity to discuss films disappears. As always, you are welcome to post anything on the forums, whether Kurosawa related or not.



    Very sorry for not contributing to those – they are actually among my favourite films, but I simply haven’t had time to watch anything – before the holidays I was 6 weeks travelling in S. Korea and Japan – so I’ve not been so active here at all.

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