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Everything is a Remix: part II

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    There is a great 10 minute film here by Kirby Ferguson – some brilliantly edited Kurosawa bits about 3 minutes in, when discussing Star Wars.



    Thanks Ugetsu! Nice comparison shots there.

    I’ll trade you a two-hour-long fan made Star Wars documentary. Admittedly, I haven’t watched it, and most probably won’t have the time to do so in the near future, but I just saw this article about it right after posting my response and thought that someone here could be interested.



    Thanks for the video. The idea of remix culture is something that pervades fandom as well; fanfiction, fan videos, and fanart are themselves a form of remix that in turn are subject to remix, and on and on it goes. It’s not so much that there’s nothing new under the sun, though that’s generally true, as it is that artistry consists of how one shapes and combines the pieces together. As some of the comments note, something entirely original — that doesn’t build on what’s gone before — would also be impossible to comprehend because we wouldn’t have any referents with which to interpret it.



    Just to clarify – I just realised I linked to the blog, not the specific video. The one I mean is posted on February 1st, titled ‘Everything is a Remix: Part II’

    Vili, I think I’ll wait for a very rainy day for that Star Wars Documentary!

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