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Dreams new Criterion version ???

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    Just saw this interesting story posted , apologies if it’s already been circulated
    Criterion story here



    Oh wow, that’s quite exciting if Criterion comes out with an HD print of Dreams. Hadn’t heard of this yet, thanks Longstone!

    Also great to hear that they have Shōji Ueda on board with this one!



    A nice review with screen captures here

    Based on this review the new Criterion version of Dreams looks impressive . It is being released by Criterion in the U.K. as well as in the U.S.



    Had the chance to pick it up and watch through one of the docs and the first dream. It’s sooooo gorgeous. Not to shill, but that Barnes and Noble 50% off sale is going for another day, was nice to get it a little cheaper than normal.

    KUROSAWA’S WAY, a doc by Kurosawa’s translator, is a nice series of interviews with notable directors talking about AK’s themes and craft in a way he never seemed to enjoy.

    All in all, it seems like a definite step up from the DVD release. Here’s hoping they move on to DERSU UZALA next.



    I preordered it, and have had it since the middle of November. Unfortunately I haven’t had much time, so I am waiting until December 20th to watch it (I did read the entirety of the booklet already, however).

    I second the hope for a rescue of Dersu Uzala, not because it is a favourite (it certainly is not), but because it would be nice to at least have a decent copy of it available, especially since it was 70mm. I would also like to see Criterion acquire the rights of Ran for a proper Blu-Ray release, the currently available version is not worth purchasing, in my opinion.

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