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Does anyone know this film?


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    I saw a Japanese film in Hong Kong in either 1990, 1991, or 1992, which was a drama but had a very weird premise. It is live action, not animated. It is not a soft porn movie. Just has this weird thread that is possibly on some level erotic to some people. There may be an act of sex in this film later on, but that is not the point, nor was it particularly memorable. What is memorable is the film’s second half location in a fishing village with views of extraordinary snow peaked mountains. I would like to know if anyone knows this movie. Much appreciated.

    Yes, I know. I am very sorry that this is not related to Master Kurosawa. I have tried to find a sober film forum to post this query, and this was the best I could come up with. I am sure I will reach a few dedicated Japanese film buffs here.

    An unhappy middle aged guy discovers a young woman (possibly an older teenager or in her very early twenties) in a supermarket who has the extraordinary ability (or curse?) of leaking water or watery lubricant. Couple of liters of the stuff. It just pours out of her crotch. He sees her holding a package of tofu or milk or something in front of the store’s refrigerated section, and she’s just gushing water, sort of shamed and embarrassed, but not not noticing that he (or anyone) is watching from a few meters away. Absolutely ridiculous and comical “pingggggg” sound effect is added to soundtrack when she leaks. He’s seriously intrigued, nothing comical in his behavior, though.

    Usual bit of stalking happens. He tracks her down to a fishing village with adorable wooden houses (hers by a bridge, significantly to the lead) and ends up getting work there (that’s how it ends), happy at last in the slightly backwards (if industrial) port. That’s all I can remember about it, except I’m pretty sure that voice-over is employed.

    Please post here if you know anything about this film. Sorry that I don’t know either actor.



    I’ve not seen the film, but it sounds to me from the plot that you are describing Shohei Immamura’s film Warm Water under a Red Bridge.

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