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Do you know the name of this film?

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    Many years ago I saw one of Kurosawa’s films but cannot remember the name. Most of the film was set around someone living in a hole in the ground. It reminded me of Samuel Becket. Any ideas? Thanks.



    Hi Andrew!

    The film you are looking for is most probably The Lower Depths (Donzoko), which was based on Maxim Gorky’s play of the same name.

    Does this look familiar?



    Thanks for the reply. No this isn’t it. There was a person in a dark pit having conversations with people up above. It was very surreal. I think she might have been a widow. She didn’t want to escape. I’m wondering if it might have been one Kurosawa’s contemporaries.



    That’s probably Woman in the Dunes directed by Hiroshi Teshigahara .

    film trailer



    Yes, I agree with Longstone, it sounds like Woman in the Dunes. Its an allegorical film about a man who falls into a hole in a dune system where he is kept by a mysterious woman who lives there – she puts him to work, eternally digging sand to stop the house in the whole becoming overwhelmed. There are a number of scenes where the man has conversations with villagers who stand at the top of the hole – such as the one at +35.00 here on youtube. Its a brilliant films, for me one of the very best Japanese films of the 1960’s.



    Yes, that sounds like it might be the one. I’ll try and find a copy. Thanks for all your help.



    It is also worth to read it… The film is based upon the novel of Abe Kobo.

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