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Did Northwest Passage influence The Hidden Fortress?

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    Greasy Rat

    One day I dared to look at King Vidor’s Western Northwest Passage Book I: Rogers’ Rangers. In it, two men named Towne and Marriner, while escaping from a Redcoat attorney whom Towne accidentally badmouthed in the pub, arrive at a tavern, where they meet Captain Robert Rogers. Towne tells Rogers that he’s a cartographer, and that he’s charted the elusive “Northwest Passage” on his map. Soon after, Towne and Marriner are pulled into Rogers’ Rangers and are sent on a completely unrelated mission.
    As I was watching the tavern scene, it reminded me somewhat of The Hidden Fortress. Like Tahei, Towne is drawn into adventure because of a map, but a well-charted one, not a crude sketch in the sand.
    However, Towne and Marriner are not seen together as much as Tahei and Matashichi.
    Still, I wonder if Northwest Passage influenced The Hidden Fortress in any way.

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