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Criterion’s mammoth Ingmar Bergman box set is region free & quite affordable

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    I’ve had one eye on Criterion’s upcoming Ingmar Bergman blu-ray box set for a while now. 39 films on 30 discs, audio commentaries, interviews, a 248-page book. It’s coming out on Tuesday.

    Yesterday, I realised that it’s actually region free. Which definitely makes life easier for all of us living outside of North America.

    Amazon.com also currently has the pre-order listed for $149.99, which is 50% off. It’s been listed with that price also by Barnes & Noble, but B&N no longer seems to ship to Europe, while Amazon appears to have no problems doing that.

    I’m tempted. One of my big regrets in life is that once upon a time almost twenty years ago I was in that famous London landmark called Cheapo Cheapo, a place for second hand music and films that I always made a point to visit when in town but which sadly closed doors about a decade ago, and they had just received a collection of something like 20 Bergman DVDs, and despite agonising over it for about an hour, I didn’t buy it. That decision has haunted me to this day. Maybe this would be a way to remedy it.

    Anyone else thinking about getting this collection?



    Yes, Although I have to admit I have only seen Persona.

    It works out around £160 including Postage and Import duty fee to the UK.



    Did you end up getting it Vili? I snagged a copy but it seems that demand was much greater than supply. Most places are out of stock until February.



    It’s still in my shopping basket, actually! I think I decided to wait for some other release from December to combine the orders but now I forget what that other thing was supposed to be!

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