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Criterion announces FilmStruck replacement Criterion Channel

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    Vili Maunula

    You may have heard that FilmStruck, the streaming service that exclusively includes Criterion’s catalogue, is closing doors later this month. It’s a shame, as I had very much been looking forward to its rumoured expansion to Europe.

    Fortunately, Criterion doesn’t seem to be going anywhere from the streaming space. They have now announced a new service called the Criterion Channel, fully owned and controlled by Criterion themselves, unlike with FilmStruck or Hulu, where the catalogue first appeared.

    The service will launch first in the US and Canada, “rolling out additional territories over time”. I really hope that they could secure global streaming rights to their titles.

    More information about the Criterion Channel plans can be found in Criterion’s announcement.



    I put myself on the list, I’ll pay for a year long subscription.

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