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Cinelogue Kurosawa spotlight

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    The guys over at Cinelogue.com have decided that October and November belong to Kurosawa, and have whipped up a series of essays under the title Spotlight: Akira Kurosawa – A Life in Film. As of writing, they are already up to Kagemusha, having chronologically covered all the films before it.

    I find Cinelogue’s little essays quite interesting reading, if only because they seem to see Kurosawa’s films with very different eyes than me — I have noticed a tendency whereby what they praise I find less interesting, and what they dislike, I actually find noteworthy and good. As always, it’s refreshing to hear other people’s takes on these works. 🙂



    I began reading the Cinelogue.com post on “No Regrets for our Youth“-a film that I find sporadically puzzling- and at first thought the post might be a bit naiive and missing a major point-but it wrapped around again and ended well enough.

    I would like to say, though, that I went down the rabbit hole as happens so often in cyber space, and ended up at the Japanese Cinema Task Force on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_talk:WikiProject_Film/Japanese_cinema_task_force

    In recent comments under Kurosawa in the discussion page, Kinketsu was upset about entries for Stray Dog in particular. Seems as if the group here might come to the rescue.


    Mark Mesaros

    Thank you very much Vili for your interest in our site! My brother and I have wanted to do a big Kurosawa feature for a long time and we’re happy that we were able to treat his films chronologically.

    Please, by all means, make your thoughts known by commenting on our articles! We’ve gotten little critical feedback so far (though we’ve only been around perhaps 6 mos.) and I would love to hear some enlightened opinions, dissenting or not.

    Coco: I also find “No Regrets” puzzling. I probably didn’t want to dwell on the cons too much as it’s a relatively unknown film, though I think I wrote that the screenplay is crap, and I think it does do some things well. What it comes down to for me though is Setsuko Hara. I can watch her do anything for 90mins. no matter how trite.

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