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"AK Painting" photo


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    Guys, hello, perhaps you’ve seen this picture of AK and know who the author is:


    (AK painting the sunset for the “Dodes’ka-den”)

    We hope to contact him/her (or them, in case the rights belong to an agency) to ask for permission to publish the photo with a magazine article. Googling and tineye.com have not been very helpful so far, I’ll very appreciate any help. Thanks!



    Nice find.

    With Google image search, I found http://kinoimages.wordpress.com/tag/painting/ . Unfortunately, the site does not provide more helpful information on the copyright owner. Google also finds this site: http://www.dvdclassik.com/personnalite/akira-kurosawa/galerie You may be able to get more information from the site’s owner: http://www.dvdclassik.com/article/nous-contacter

    Please let us know if you manage to obtain more information.



    Unfortunately, I don’t really have any answer for you, Po. While this picture is quite common online, I can’t find it in any of the published Kurosawa books that I have. Fred’s suggestion to contact dvdclassik may be your best bet.

    It probably doesn’t help at all but the Akira Kurosawa Digital Archive includes a black and white picture as item 24.02.52, which was also taken during the painting of the Dodesukaden sets. While they don’t seem to have the photographer listed, I assume that they know who owns the rights to it. It could be the same photographer.

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