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A peek into Criterion’s new High and Low

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    I got the new double disc High and Low a few days ago, and although the film club won’t discuss the movie until next month, I decided to sit down and take a look nevertheless.

    I must say that the picture quality is really good. It is great to see Kurosawa so well handled — but we wouldn’t expect less from Criterion these days, now, would we?

    The only part of the set that I watched in its entirety was the Mifune interview from 1981. I think that we actually briefly discussed the interview last year, or at least I have the feeling that it was the same one that Deconstruct linked to last December (the Youtube video has since been removed). In any case, while I actually didn’t find the interview all that interesting, it was nevertheless good to see Mifune as Mifune, not one of the characters that he plays.

    The Japanese trailer also includes some footage from the scrapped final scene of the movie. The US trailer was also fun to watch, as usual!



    Any scrap of Mifune is gold to me-so this is awesome news…I have got to get this just to see the Mifune interview!!!!!

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