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    Back around 1980-81 in Hungary(europe) saw a samurai movie in the theater. It was very good.

    It seems tome it was a Kurosawa movie, so I watched as many as I could. Can’t find it.

    It was in B/W. But they mostly played current movies, so I don’t know the year.

    What I remember may be in many movies but before I forget , in the title (translated but most likely in the original title as well) the word samurai was in it. Some kind of samurai. And I believe it was about one samurai and a woman. The woman may have been a prostitute or been around.

    So the scene is. It’s raining. No really? He has simple clothes on, no armor. He had that big kind of flat hat on tied to his chin. He is standing in the middle and 3-4 around him. His head is down, so you can’t see his eyes from the hat. The sword is still in the holster. Then it’s very fast action. I believe he is protecting the woman. Maybe even from her family. She is standing on a wooden bridge. Oh it’s night. There is some crawling going on as well I think. And I don’t know if it’s happy-ending or sad end.

    I wonder if this seems like something that anyone seen. It made a big impression on me at the time.


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