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A Bit of a Hiatus


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    Just wanted to drop a line here to let you know that a freak October snowstorm last Saturday took down a lot of trees, power, and cable lines, and left us without internet, phone, or cable TV service. Given the way things look where we live (lots of tree branches to remove, downed cables and power lines), I’m not sure how soon we’ll have it back. I’m typing this (with a certain degree of difficulty, as a result of using unfamiliar equipment that isn’t set up for me) at the public library, where I only get one hour’s access to a computer per day.

    There were a few entries I wanted to respond to, and I had planned on posting an entry about the second disc of the anime Samurai 7 the day the internet went out, but that will likely have to wait until our service is restored.



    Hope you get reconnected soon, lawless.

    BTW, I think you might be particularly interested in the working title of Terrence Malicks upcoming film.



    I hope that the tubes get reconnected soon, lawless! You’ve had quite a year there with the storms and hurricanes and earthquakes and whatnot! We are looking forward to your views on Samurai 7.



    Just to reassure everybody, our internet, cable, and phones came back on the middle of Thursday afternoon. (Though our power was out for an hour Wednesday night while the power company brought people in our town who’d lost power back on. So many people had lost power that bringing them all back on at once would have crashed the grid. And schools were closed Monday through Wednesday; some of them didn’t have power either.) The effects of this storm were actually worse than the hurricane; we had strong winds and far more damage was done to trees, and power outages were more widespread and took more effort to resolve, mostly because so many streets were impassable or nearly so. It will take weeks before all the debris piled up by the curb is dealt with.

    Maybe tomorrow I will finally get around to posting about the second disc of Samurai 7. Short version: I’m starting to get impatient with the meandering pace and side plots. Also, my copy of Scandal came in the mail yesterday.

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