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Watch This: The Bad Sleep Well – The Geometry of a Scene

The Bad Sleep Well

Tony Zhou is a San Francisco based filmmaker and freelance editor who also created video essays about film form. The latest video in his Every Frame a Painting series is an excellent three-minute illustration of Kurosawa’s compositional use of geometry.

With this one continuous scene from The Bad Sleep Well, Zhou draws attention to a technique that Kurosawa used throughout his career, but which can easily pass by a casual viewer. The video is well worth watching, and a recent tweet from its creator would seem to suggest that more Kurosawa related content is coming our way.

You can follow Zhou’s Every Frame a Painting series over on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter. Do also check out Zhou’s Patreon page.





Thats excellent, thanks Vili, I learned a lot from watching that. There is always something incredibly fluid about Kurosawas films, I’ve always struggled to understand how he managed to make even superficially very simple scenes run so smoothly, and yet have so much going on. The level of craftsmanship he put into each individual scene really is incredible. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Zhou’s work, its really good.



I agree with Ugetsu — this is great! Kurosawa truly is a master of visual storytelling.

(Stupid Kindle tablet autocorrected Kurosawa’s name to “neuroses.” Fortunately, I caught it, but it made me scratch my head.)



Tony Zhou has another in his series on Laughing Squid – this one is just as interesting I think.

On Screen Motion in Akira Kurosawas Films


Vili Maunula

Indeed! Saw it this morning but as I’m travelling and without a computer or much of an Internet connection, I will be doing a news post only on Monday. But the new video is well worth checking out, so thanks for linking to it!

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