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The 8th Samurai qualifies for the Academy Awards

8th SamuraiWord has come my way that The 8th Samurai (see earlier coverage here and here) has won the BEST of FEST award at the LA Shorts Fest.

This is significant, as The 8th Samurai now qualifies for consideration for next year’s Academy Awards. My congratulations to director Justin Ambrosino and his crew!

The film’s success at the LA Shorts Fest is, of course, not an isolated event. So far, the film has won seven awards and featured in altogether 23 film festivals around the globe:

1. * Winner – Golden Kahuna Award * Honolulu International Film Festival (USA)
2. * Winner – Best of Fest Award * LA Shorts Fest (USA)
3. * Winner – Best Director, Best Cinematography * Staten Island Film Festival (USA)
4. * Winner – Special Jury Award * Sonoma International Film Festival (USA)
5. * Winner – Special Selection * Japan Film Festival (USA)
6. * Winner – Audience Award * Big Muddy Film Festival (USA)
7. * Winner – Best Student Film, Best Director, Best Actor Awards * Show Off Your Shorts Festival (USA)
8. * Selected * Carolina International Film & Video Festival (USA)
9. * Selected * World of Comedy Film Festival (Canada)
10. * Selected * Charleston International Film Festival (USA)
11. * Selected * LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (USA)
12. * Selected * George Lindsey UNA Film Festival (USA)
13. * Selected * Video Festival Imperia (Italy)
14. * Selected * Newport Beach Film Festival (USA)
15. * Selected * New Beijing International Film Festival (China)
16. * Selected * Boston International Film Festival (USA)
17. * Selected * Fukuoka Asian Film Festival (Japan)
18. * Selected * Seattle True Independent Film Festival (USA)
19. * Selected * Mannleu International Film Festival (Spain)
20. * Selected * Sacramento International Film Festival (USA)
21. * Selected * Rhode Island International Film Festival (USA)
22. * Selected * Angelus Student Film Festival (USA)
23. * Selected * Sapporo Short Film Festival (Japan)

For more information, head over to the official website.




Jeremy Quintanilla

I’m impressed how much this guy has been touring the film.

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