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‘Ikiru’ remake under development by Dreamworks and Stone Village Pictures

Whether this is connected to the rumoured Jim Sheridan remake of Ikiru, I do not know, but it has come to my attention that Stone Village Pictures, together with Dreamworks SKG, is currently developing a remake of the film.

Details are scarce, but according to the Stone Village Pictures film page, the story is currently being adapted by Jon Robin Baitz. Based on Baitz’s IMDb profile, his only previous film credit as a writer is for the 2002 film People I Know. He is, however, much better known as a playwright, and has also written for numerous acclaimed TV series, including The West Wing, Alias and Brothers & Sisters, for the last of which he is also credited as the creator and an executive producer.

As the film is still under early development, it is difficult to give an estimation when, if ever, the film might start shooting, let alone be released.




Vili Maunula

Just to follow up on this, I happened to have the chance to watch the first two episodes of Brothers & Sisters this weekend, both of which were written by Jon Robin Baitz (the second together with Marti Noxon). I must say that I was quite impressed by the writing.

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