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John Fusco on the ‘Seven Samurai’ remake

Screenwriter John Fusco has talked briefly to SciFi Wire about the Seven Samurai remake that he is currently working on under the Weinstein Co.

He is quoted in the article as saying that he had initially expressed concern over treading on “hallowed ground”, but when he and the Weinstein team had started to explore the idea of a contemporary setting for the film, his interest had aroused.

It now seems that the story will be set in the present, with the samurai world changed to “the milieu of an international private paramilitary company” such as Blackwater. Therefore, rather than being a direct remake, it now seems that what Fusco is writing is more of a liberal adaptation of the source material.

The information about the change of setting would seem to put everything we know about this remake in a new light. For one, it makes the rumoured working title The Seventh Samurai, which came from a list detailing projects that were given priority before the Writers Guild strike, somewhat questionable.

On the other hand, it now makes sense that George Clooney was at one point rumoured to be attached to the project, although this rumour now seems to have died down. Other actors who have been attached to the project at this stage are the Chinese actors Donnie Yen and Zhang Ziyi. Justin Chadwick (The Other Boleyn Girl) and Wayne Kramer (The Cooler, Running Scared, Crossing Over) are allegedly being considered to helm the production.




Jeremy Quintanilla

They just should make the rice fields, cocaine fields, the samurai, Columbian guerilla fighters, and the bandits American ATF/FBI agents. Then ensure no more then 10 seconds go by with out an explosion and donkey through the jungle chase scene 😛

Willie Nelson plays Kikuchiyo


Vili Maunula

LOL. Sounds to me like a job for Renny Harlin!! 😉



OK, so it’s “Bug’s Life” all over again. I think I can stop paying attention to this one now.



I don’t understand why it’s so damn difficult to remake a classic that is true to the original. “Treading on hallowed ground” it may be, but at least it makes an attempt at NOT blatantly raping the original story and doing something a little more than making money from the title. This makes me sick. “Treading on hallowed ground”? Try defecating on it. Fuck you, Fusco.


Vili Maunula

Brandon, I would say that if a remake must be made, then rather make it unfaithful, creative, and your own. I don’t really see the point in just filming the same old story in the same old way. If I wanted to watch the original, then I would watch the original.

Personally, I would rather see an adaptation than a remake.



I would rather it be as good as they can make it, regardless of whether it’s an adaptation or a remake.

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