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“In a Bamboo Grove” on BBC Radio

Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s In a Bamboo Grove has been dramatised for the radio by the BBC. The short story, of course, worked as the primary source text for Kurosawa’s Rashomon. I have not had the time to listen through the entire show, but it would seem that the dramatisation makes use of some of the narrative devices that Kurosawa used to tell the story. Also the rain seems to be there.

The 45-minute show was apparently broadcast earlier this week in the “Afternoon Play” series, and can still be streamed from the BBC website. In a Bamboo Grove was Wednesday’s programme, and if I remember correctly BBC allows streaming of its shows for one week after the original broadcast, so in case you wish to take a listen, I suggest you act soon.




Chris D

Is it still available? I had problems navigating the BBC-site properly. It would be so awesome to get a hold of it:!:


Vili Maunula

Sorry Chris, it is no more available on the BBC site. They only let you listen to the shows for a week after broadcast.

Though, check your Gmail account in a sec for… umm.. something like a pointer. 🙄

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