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Postwar Kurosawa reviews

Eclipse: Akira Kurosawa Postwar CollectionReviews of the Postwar Kurosawa set have started to fly in. As usual, DVD Talk gives us a good general overview of the box set, while the DVD Beaver review gives us a more technical take on the release.

As expected, the box set comes with no extras, as is the case with Criterion’s Eclipse series in which Postwar Kurosawa belongs. The overall picture and sound quality across the five discs, however, is said to be better than that of any earlier English friendly releases of these movies. They are not perfect transfers, of course, but I doubt that anyone will release better transfers any time soon.

The Region 1 Postwar Kurosawa box set, released as part of Criterion’s Eclipse series, contains the movies I Live in Fear (aka Record of a Living Being), The Idiot, No Regrets for Our Youth, One Wonderful Sunday and Scandal.

For more in formation about the availability of these films, see the sections on Kurosawa DVDs and Kurosawa Blu-rays.




Jeremy Quintanilla

For those on a budget, DVDplanet.com has it for $39.95, good company, I bought about 100 DVDs from them with no issues.

At any price its really a must buy

I should be getting my copy in soon, cant wait.


Jeremy Quintanilla

Finally after some mishaps I received this box set. Its my first purchase of the eclipse series, and I am rather please, the set is nice but simple and as expected included no extras (booklet, dvd bonuses, etc)
I spare the a review since others have provided some, but I’ll say the transfer is nice with only a few forgivable flaws and subtitling was just fine by me.
Obviously its no match for Criterion’s recent work, but I am thankful they decided to release rare movies partial reworked, its better then nothing, and far better then whats out there.
It clear Criterion still gave an admirable effort.

BTW Each movie is in a clear skinny case, with a short essay printed on the backside of the sleeve, which is visible from inside the case. All movies are stored in a simple cardboard holder, very simple, but still nice.


Vili Maunula

Thanks for the info, Jeremy! I’m still waiting for my copy. Things take their time to arrive from the US. 🙁

I just got the “Interviews” book earlier this week, though — it had been travelling for more than a month! Will post a review in the coming days.

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