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Senkichi Taniguchi dies at 95

Senkichi Taniguchi has died of aspiration pneumonia in a hospital in Tokyo. In the 1940s and 50s the director filmed a number of Kurosawa penned scripts, co-wrote Kurosawa’s own The Quiet Duel, and was also credited as an executive producer for Stray Dog. The director was 95.

The films Taniguchi directed from scripts written (in whole or in part) by Kurosawa are:

  • Snow Trail (Ginrei no hate 1947, starring Toshiro Mifune and Takashi Shimura)
  • Jakoman and Tetsu (Jakoman to tetsu, 1949, starring Mifune)
  • Escape at Dawn (Akatsuki no dasso, 1950)
  • Beyond Love and Hate (Ai to nikushimi no kanata e, 1951, starring Mifune and Shimura)
  • My Wonderful Yellow Car (Fukeyo haru kaze, 1953, co-written by the two)

The two also worked as assistant directors in Kajiro Yamamoto’s 1936 Enoken film Enoken’s Ten Million, with Taniguchi as the chief assistant director, and Kurosawa as one of the three third assistant directors. In 1949 the two were credited as associate producers in Yamamoto’s Flirtation in Spring.


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