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Seven Samurai or the Rites of Spring of Japanese Soul

Pardon me for not actually having had the time to read through the article in question, but as far as I can see an entry titled Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai or the Rites of Spring of Japanese Soul and posted at a blog run by Fredric W. Erik seems like excellent reading. As the regular readers know, I am somewhat pressed on time these days, so please head to Frederic’s website to read what the text is all about.





I am just wondering… Do you ever do opinion pieces yourselves? It’s nice to have news and information but it would be nicer to hear what your opinion on the movies themselves. I for one would be interested in comparing notes with you (casual watcher of AK films though I am).



Sorry, should be ‘yourself’.


Vili Maunula

I don’t have any immediate plans to fill the website with my own personal opinions of Kurosawa’s films, apart from the little commentary that I offer when I link to articles found on other sites.

To be honest, I don’t think that my own views of the films are anything too interesting, and that is why I am currently concentrating on working to offer other, more valuable, content on the website. Personally, I am also more interested in looking at singular aspects of his films, rather than writing pure “opinion” pieces on any single work.

In any case, in connection with all this, one section that I’m currently working on will include medium-length summaries of ideas and interpretations that critical pieces (books, articles, documentaries, possibly blog entires, etc.) have raised regarding each and every one of Kurosawa’s films. It will probably take a while until the project sees the light of day, but I think that this would prove out to be an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to enter into a critical discussion of Kurosawa’s films.

Another related project that I have for quite a while now been planning is a “film club”, where we could watch Kurosawa’s films (and possibly also films connected to Kurosawa’s works) and discuss them with an eye on critical interpretations and other ideas that have been raised, while of course not forgetting novel and personal interpretations. This will, however, probably require a real forum-like interface, and I think that we will also need some more contributors (i.e. active visitors) before it starts to make sense.

Regarding visitors, the website is currently experiencing a drop in visitor numbers, probably at least partly because of the new domain name which caused the site to drop out from Google’s listings. I hope that it will climb up again sooner rather than later — if any of you would feel like helping that to happen, linking to https://akirakurosawa.info/ from your blogs and websites (or mentioning it at forums or mailing lists that you frequent) would be the thing to do. The more links there are to this site, the better it will do in Google’s rankings.

To be honest, I have in the past been quite lazy at fishing for links.

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