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Podcast: Seven Samurai – A Japanese Masterpiece

Seven Samurai
BBC’s flagship discussion programme The Forum has recently taken as its subject Akira Kurosawa’s 1954 film Seven Samurai. The audio is now available for listening on BBC’s website.

The 41-minute show approaches the film from a number of familiar angles. There isn’t much new to anyone who has studied the film in more detail, but it is still worth a listen, if for nothing else, at least for the voices of two very familiar authors. The discussion is hosted by Bridget Kendall, who talks to David Desser (Professor of Cinema Studies and author of The Samurai Films of Akira Kurosawa, among others), Dolores Martinez (Emeritus Reader in Anthropology and the author of Remaking Kurosawa, among others) and Daisuke Miyao (Professor of Japanese Film).

As mentioned, the audio is available on BBC’s website.


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