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Akira Kurosawa News and Information downtime

Update: We are back up. The move did not go entirely as planned, and downtime in fact lasted for slightly over three hours, but all in all everything looks fine now.

This is just to let our regular readers know that Akira Kurosawa News and Information will be offline this coming Friday night (more specifically Saturday morning) starting at 01:00 UTC. To the best of my knowledge, this translates to 8pm EST (Friday evening) for those of you who live in the States, and 10am (Saturday morning) for those in Japan.

The downtime is expected to last between one and three hours. The cause for the disruption is that the data centre on which the website is located has decided to move to a new location, and therefore the servers will be physically moved. As always with operations of this scale, something can go wrong, so if AKNI is down the whole weekend, you will know why. However, I have all the trust for the webhosting company that I use, and I am absolutely certain that they are doing their best to make the move as painless as possible.


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