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Akira Kurosawa Foundation to be dissolved

Akira KurosawaUnless my Japanese skills fail me badly, Asahi.com and Yomiuri.co.jp are reporting that the Akira Kurosawa Foundation board of directors have voted to dissolve the organisation. According to reports, it should take about two months for the process to go through.

Earlier this month, it was reported that the foundation was completely abandoning a ten-year-old project of building an Akira Kurosawa museum at Imari in Japan’s Saga prefecture. What happens to the foundation’s Akira Kurosawa Memorial Short Film Competition is not clear, although I don’t actually remember the award being handed out in 2010 either (but it was handed out in 2009, I think). The foundation’s website has been displaying an “under maintenance” banner for a while now.

As this post relies on my relatively elementary Japanese skills, I would very much appreciate it if anyone with more fluency could correct any possible mistakes or misunderstandings.


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