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Toho sues Cosmo… yet again

Toho LogoToho has reportedly sued Cosmo for $130,000, this time due to the company manufacturing three classic non-Kurosawa films that Toho holds the copyright for.

Earlier this year, Toho hit Cosmo with a similar lawsuit for selling budget versions of Kurosawa’s movies (see here). This follows the Tokyo District Court’s decision that favoured Toho in a lawsuit determined to establish whether the company still holds copyrights to its classic films (see here).

Source: Variety




Jeremy Quintanilla

Toho sounds like a bunch of greedy assholes.
$130,000 is a joke, Toho is a massive studio and doing this for nothing more to show off their weight.
Toho wants to rights, not to insure Kurosawa films are replicated with care, but to be the only pimp in the Kurosawa movie prostitution ring.

This is as sad as America’s RIAA suing poor people and little girls for several hundred grand.

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