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Blogged: Killing in Tarkovsky and Kurosawa

There is a post comparing some scenes of killing in Tarkovsky and Kurosawa. I won’t go into details, as I’m travelling, and don’t really have much time on the computer at the moment. So, you will need to check out the post all by yourself.





Huh. At first it seems that there is just a coincidence in two slow motion deaths from Andrei Rublov and Seven Samurai. But as it turns out Tarkovsky was directly influenced by Seven Samurai and in general Kurosawa (along with Mizoguchi, Bresson, Bunuel, Bergman, and Antonioni).
It then goes on to quote AK:

“tarkovsky told me that he always sees seven samurai before shooting his new films. this is to say that I always see his andrei rublov before shooting.”

akira kurosawa from his book a dream is a genius

This was rather interesting to me as I knew vaugly the two loved each other’s work, but I had not read anything talking about it to this extent.

There is also a picture with the two.

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