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New Book — Akira Kurosawa: Interviews

A bookIn December 2007, University Press of Mississippi will publish a book titled Akira Kurosawa: Interviews. The 224-page book, available both in hard cover and paperback, will be made available as part of UPM’s Conversations with Filmmakers series, which already has a number of interesting volumes, including those for directors like Andrei Tarkovsky, Charlie Chaplin, Fritz Lang, Martin Scorsese, Peter Greenaway, Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, and many others.

I do not yet know the exact contents of the Kurosawa volume, but have inquired about the matter, and will update you with more information as soon as I get it. To the best of my knowledge (and here I may be wrong), the initial pressing will be 2000 copies, which I suppose will be plenty.

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Jeremy Quintanilla

The hardcover is $37 more, isn’t that well above normal cost for a hardcover edition. I am used to seeing only $5-10 extra for the hardcover.

I’ll wait until it comes out and there is more information, I do think 2000 copies should be enough to safely order on the day it comes out, without fear of backorder. If its just a bunch of collected interviews, I cant say am too interested, but I’ll still pick it up when it comes out.

Thanks for the info Vili


Vili Maunula

Well, I personally wouldn’t pre-order it either, as it’s still more than half a year until it comes out.

But I’m nevertheless quite looking forward to getting the book, to be honest. Over two hundred pages of interviews can’t be that bad, and I am secretly hoping that they might print with it some of Kurosawa’s essays as well (there’s a Japanese book that collected his interviews, essays and other stuff). Even if they don’t, I’m sure there’ll be some interesting stuff in there.

Now we just need someone to do an English translation of Kazuko Kurosawa’s “Papa, Kurosawa”.

And now that we are on the subject of books, I am currently (slowly) reading Yoshimoto’s “Kurosawa – Film Studies and Japanese Cinema”, and I must say that I really like it a lot.


Vili Maunula

Oh yes, and the hard cover edition is a bit pricey indeed.

Coming personally from the academic world, I didn’t actually notice that before you mentioned it, as university press hard covers tend to cost quite a lot of money. I’m not exactly sure why, though, but it’s really a problem when you need a certain book that is only available as a $200 hardback edition. 🙁 Let’s then be happy that there is the soft cover one as well! 🙂



Should be something to check out… I hope.
Yes, now only if we could all read the “Papa” book. *sigh*


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