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DVD section finished (sort of)

I’ve done quite a bit for this website today, although most of it has happened behind the scenes and won’t be visible to you, the visitor. However, I did finally finish the Akira Kurosawa’s movies on DVD section of this website, so do take a look and tell me if you can find some factual, textual or other errors.

Actually, when I write that I have “finished” the page, I actually mean that I have finished the initial work on it. The next stage would be to add R4 releases (the remaining major English speaking area), and then start including information about all DVD releases of Kurosawa’s films. But with my working pace being what it is, don’t hold your breath quite yet!





You say this is incomplete, but it’s still a great resource. Thanks for all your time and effort to put this together.

Long ago, before Criterion had re-released The Hidden Fortress, I picked up a Mei Ah version off eBay. It was pretty awful. In addition to the Chinese to English subtitles, and poor quality, there were a couple spots where the subtitle dropped out totally.



I am no expert, but this list looks comprehensive as hell! so this is what you were doing all those long evenings… *giggle*
Great job, love 🙂 :-*

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