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AKN&I gets a new design

Tired of the old baby-blue design that this website had, I spent a day brainstorming, Photoshopping and looking at other people’s blogs. By the end of the day I had came up with something, and that something is now the new design for Akira Kurosawa News and Information.

What do you think? In my own view it is a vast improvement to the old one. Not everything is yet quite the way I want it to be, but I think the direction is the correct one. Similarly, I have only tested the new design on a very limited number of computers and browsers, so there may be issues that I am not aware of. If something looks odd to you, feel free to drop me a line.





I like it. It’s very clean, and subdued, which I like.

I’m viewing it on MS XP/Firefox

My only question is whether this content column could be wider, but I’m also looking at this on a large monitor.



Nice, I like it alot better;
am using firefox and a 24″widescreen high resolution monitor, making the text is a bit small, not a big deal as I can enlarge it. I do think part of the problem is the light black text and thin font, against the white background.
Hate to complain about a great site, good job



Thanks for the comments, guys!

I might be able to make the content column liquid, so that it would display well on all window sizes. However, taking into account the current layout structure, it might end up taking quite a bit of work, so I will perhaps save it for later.

The text size and colour is something I might take more immediate action on. The text was in fact even smaller on the design that I based mine (see the footer to this site), and I personally prefer larger text as well. Maybe the colour has something to do with it, as well.

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