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Seven Samurai – Action through Drama

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    Its been on youtube for a couple of years, but I just came across this now – a very nice analysis I think of just how innovative Kurosawa’s technique was in filming Seven Samurai’s action.

    Seven Samurai – Action through Drama.

    This is a newer one too, quite interesting.

    Seven Samurai’s Historical Perception.


    Vili Maunula

    Thanks Ugetsu! The Drama Through Action video explains really well why action scenes in most modern blockbuster films are so endlessly boring. There is no weight to them. I have fallen asleep more than once while waiting for a Marvel fight scene to end.

    The other video was new to me so I added it to the Akira Kurosawa video essays page. Thanks!

    I used to have scripts that notified me about new Kurosawa related content like this, but as the YouTubes, Twitters and Facebooks of the world have become increasingly insular and work to block such automated harvesting of content, I gave up maintaining them.

    Partly due to this, it’s been a bit quiet here lately (my fault, really). I wonder if we should resurrect the film club but approach it a little differently this time around — maybe we could watch and discuss video essays. Any thoughts on that?



    I’d certainly welcome something a little more regular to remind me to come back here. I do miss the film club.

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