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Hi from Germany


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    Hello, 皆さん、三今日は、

    it’s about time for me to join this forum. I’ve been a Kurosawa fan since I first watched “Seven Samurai” when I lived in Michigan in the 1980s, but did not really get to see many of his other films since I started taking Japanese lessons several years ago. My favorite movies include “Madadayo”, “Dreams”, “Ikiru”, “Hidden Fortress”, “Sugata Sanshiro” (both parts ), “Red beard”, …. Well, I should not get carried away and list AK’s entire ouevre here. I’ve read “Waiting on the weather” and AK’s “Something like an autobiography”, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Just bought D. Richie’s “The films of Akira Kurosawa”.

    A. Tarkovsky is another favorite director of mine.

    Looking f/w to the discussions here and to all the information available in this forum.

    Warm regards from Europe,


    PS: AK’s use of music in his films is one of my special interests.



    Welcome Neko,

    I am new too. This is a wonderful forum. I think it is up to Vili to decide films for the club. But always love references to other films connected to Akira-sama. Thanks!

    See you around the boards!



    Welcome Neko, hope you enjoy the forum, it would be great to have a few new voices in our discussions here.




    Apparently, you like trips (Michigan to Germany not being a little one) and I hope you will make a nice one here.

    Although I must confess that I watched only four films from Tarkovsky, he is one of my favorite directors, along with Kurosawa (from whom I watched something like thirty or more films, thus more familiar to me).

    There could be a nice connection between Kurosawa and Tarkovsky with music: they both seemed to enjoy Mussorgsky’s œuvre.

    Tarkovsky arranged Boris Goudunov and Kurosawa exhibited pictures in No Regrets For Our Youth.

    Did you already have this one?

    Warm european regards to you and not far from you. (France)



    Hello and many thanks for the warm welcome!


    I read about No regrets for our youth, but still need to watch it (and listen to the music — thanks for pointing out the connection!).

    I spent the entire 1980s in the US; unfortunately have not been in France for a while.

    Warm regards,



    Vili Maunula

    Welcome to the group, Neko-suki! Always great to have more views and viewpoints here!

    It would indeed be interesting to compare Kurosawa and Tarkovsky, knowing their mutual interest in each other’s works. I’ll jump into your Solaris thread in a second. 🙂

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