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Hello from Chennai, India


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    Hello Kurosawa Folks,

    I am Sudarshan from Chennai, India. I am a hard core fan of old Japanese films especially that of Akira Kurosawa’s and Kenji Mizoguchi’s. I hope that I would come across different interpretations of individuals on Kurosawa’s nuances in his movies and contribute something to this community.


    Sudarshan (a) Kevin



    Welcome Sudarshan!

    I have been to Chennai once, and hope to visit again this summer. And, I hope that I can gain some insight into the films of Kurosawa, but also those of India from your participation in this forum. I look forward to your perspectives and ideas. Welcome!


    Vili Maunula

    Hi Sudarshan and a warm welcome to ak.info! It’s great to have you here. As Coco already said, it will be interesting to hear your views on Kurosawa’s works.

    If you have the chance, join our monthly Akira Kurosawa film club. This December, we are discussing Orson Welles’s Macbeth and how it contrasts with Kurosawa’s own adaptation of the Shakespeare play with Throne of Blood.

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