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Alex Cox’s Rashomon inspired western seeks funding from fans

Tombstone Rashomon
Director, author, actor and one time Akira Kurosawa documentary maker Alex Cox has launched an Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund a film which mixes Kurosawa’s Rashomon with the wild west.

Called Tombstone Rashomon and based on the historical incident of the gunflight at the O.K. Corral, Cox intends to present the story through various conflicting points of view, rejecting the kind of good vs. evil narrative which previous films depicting the gunfight have held onto. But why do I tell you this when you should really just listen to the man himself:

The often quite idiosyncratic Cox was the first director to put together an (unusually non-idiosyncratic) Akira Kurosawa documentary after the director’s death in 1998. He is probably best known for his early film Repo Man and has in recent years concentrated on what he calls “microfilms”, referring to quickly made low budget features.

The Tombstone Rashomon team is seeking $200,000 for the production. To learn more and potentially contribute to getting the film made, check out the project’s Indiegogo page.




A bit more on it in the Guardian.


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