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Information about the Cinema Reserve (R2) edition of Kagemusha

20th Century Fox is putting out a new region 2 release of Kagemusha under their ‘Cinema Reserve’ series. The double DVD is to be released on November 27.

The ever informative DVD Times has the following information to give:

Disc 1: Main Feature
– 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
– Japanese DD4.0 Surround
– English subtitles
– Commentary by Stephen Prince

Disc 2: Extra Features
– Lucas, Coppola & Kurosawa (18:35mins)
– Akira Kurosawa: It Is Wonderful to Create (41mins)
– Image: Kurosawa’s Continuity
– A Vision Realized
– US & Japanese Trailers

DVD Times points out that the extras are identical to those found on the Criterion release.

This again makes me really guilty about the almost empty “Kurosawa’s DVDs” section on this website. I should really work on it.

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